toyota forklift spare parts supplier malaysia

Toyota forklift spare parts supplier malaysia

We carry other brands of forklift spare parts too.

Over the years, there have been many things done to help improve and facilitate forklift safety. Today, forklifts are safer than ever, but only when a real effort it made. There are many things that a company can do to help further improve forklift safety, and they are all well worth the effort. Being one of the best in the market we understand that safety always comes first.

Forklift drivers today have many advantages that didn’t exist in the past. Facilities have done a variety of things to help cut down on the number of accidents and injuries that take place. Apart from servicing forklift, we do provide OEM spare parts for our client as well as Toyota Forklift Spare Parts. We are consider one of the best supplier of Toyota Forklift spare parts supplier malaysia¬†


We bring you various new products that helps forklift operators verify that the lift’s implements are in a level position and good to go. Flat Fork units operate under a simple light indication system that mounts on the lift truck’s mast, indicating the forks are tilted.

The most difficult task a lift operator faces is how to level the forks and prevent potential damage. Currently there are products invented for training purposes, and customers liked it so much, they wanted to actually buy it.

Certain aspects are the box is portable from one lift to the next. And to preserve and lengthen battery life, the unit powers off after three minutes of discontinued use which is a feature in some of our forklifts.

Flat Forks make forklift operators more efficient and productive in many ways, reducing mistakes that lead to product damage. Pallets stored in a high-bay rack make it particularly difficult for users to know if the forks are level before removing a pallet from its rack position.

Most of our Forklifts are manufactured overseas and imported and distributed locally. The product is also flexible, transferable, and can be used on stand-up reach trucks and conventional sit-down models. The application also works with different attachments, such as extended poles for rolled carpet and clamps for large paper rolls.

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